Artists’ images for exhibitions on MoCC are at 2000px wide and 1200px high, plus we ask you to provide us with video, following the Vimeo guidelines, that we will upload on MoCC vimeo channel – the museum in fact also acts as a permanent research archive.


Please note that beside the 2000px wide at 1200px high suitable for web (72dpi) we will need to have the images as high resolution files for publication.

Exhibitions on MoCC will be collected and featured in a catalog. Therefore, each image and video has to be fully captioned. Name of the Artist/s, name of the artwork, year. Medium. Others. e.g. Lanfranco Aceti, Car Park, 2014. Photographic print on fine art paper. (We ask you to provide full captions including dimensions and other details. Nevertheless for the online show we will edit the captions and use a shortened version.)

For the high resolution images’ dimensions for publication please note: A single full page image should be at least 18,5 cm (width) x 26 cm (height) and must be at 300 dpi minimum, .TIFF preferred (otherwise .JPG). A double spread (an image on two adjacent pages) should be at least 36,2 cm (width) x 26 cm (height) and must be 300 dpi minimum.

MoCC exhibits and publishes both online and in physical spaces/print and in order for images to be printed they have to be at a high resolution.


Videos on MoCC are uploaded to our Vimeo channel so please refer to their detailed Compression Guidelines if you are in any doubt how to prepare your video for exhibition.

To show videos at their highest quality we ask that they be in Full HD (1080p) wherever possible – 1920 x 1080 px assuming a screen ratio of 16:9.  Videos should be encoded using the H.264 codec, or High Profile H.264 if available.  If your software offers the advanced settings ‘Closed GOP’ and ‘CABAC’ please make sure they are selected.

The frame rate of your video should match that of its source footage unless it exceeds 30fps, in which case you should encode it at half that rate.  If you are unsure of the frame rate of your source footage we recommend using a frame rate of 30fps.  If your software includes an option for keyframes, choose the same value you used for frame rate.  Please always use a constant frame rate.

If your editing software offers you the options of a ‘variable’ bit rate (sometimes called data rate) please make sure it is selected, with your target rate set to at least 10,000 kbit/s.

Audio should be encoded using the AAC-LC codec (Advanced Audio Codec), at a constant data rate of 320 kbit/s.  The sample rate should be 48 kHz unless your working setting is already less than that, in which case leave it as it is.


Please note that exhibiting with MoCC online may lead to future exhibitions, solo or collective, in physical spaces and it is important for you to consider this when providing material.

Before collecting the material please ensure that you visit the site and look at the shows in order to have a better idea of requirements.