The Museum of Contemporary Cuts presents a painterly and sculptural text work by Dutch artist, Willem Jan Smit. At the Sculpture Garden pavilion on the New Sea Waterfront of Thessaloniki, Smit marries the two media with the complexity of the positive and negative architectural space. “The Sculpture Garden pavilion presents […]

Supported by the Museum of Contemporary Cuts, the Mediterranean Garden pavilion on the New Sea Waterfront of Thessaloniki has a contemporary art installation by Lanfranco Aceti, curated by Camilla Boemio. Known internationally for his socio-political stances and performances that have taken places over the past thirty years, the artist has […]

As part of its worldwide interventions and art engagements, the Museum of Contemporary Cuts presents ad nauseam at documenta 14 by international artist and activist Willem Jan Smit (NL, ES, DE). Ad nauseam is Willem Jan Smit’s redux from an exhibition of documentary sculpture in Athens titled THEY WERE SHOWN […]

What is a protest? And what does it mean to picket, to resist, to respond, and to give voice to one’s social and political concerns? In the wake of growing political uncertainty and the news of the United States withdrawal from the global Paris climate accords, a protest will occur […]

As part of its ‘FEATURED’ artist series for the Platforms Project in Athens, the Museum of Museum of Contemporary Cuts presents a solo show by the international artist and activist, Willem Jan Smit. “The choice fell on Mr. Smit,” explained the curator Lanfranco Aceti and the artistic director Artemis Potamianou, […]

For the Platforms Project in Athens, the Museum of Contemporary Cuts presents an international exhibition consisting of  two works by  two different artists strategically placed in opposition to one another. The two artists, Lanfranco Aceti and Yiannis Melanitis, challenge each other through a series of colloquia that, while rooted in […]

100 Days Urn is the newest artwork to be placed on The Fifth Column of the White House. “The urn has been produced by the internationally renowned British artist Grayson Perry. It will collect metaphorically, and perhaps one day even physically, the ashes of the first one hundred days of the […]

The Director of the Arts Administration program at Boston University, Lanfranco Aceti, is proud to announce the premiere in the US, at the Boston Athenaeum, of a new performance of Stefanos Tsivopoulos: One Too Many. As part of ArtWeek Boston, the debut performance in the United States will include a brief post-performance talk about Tsivopoulos’ piece […]

The Director of the Arts Administration program at Boston University and of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts, Lanfranco Aceti is proud to announce, Sound Politics, to be performed at the Boston Athenaeum, September 30, 2016, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Sound Politics is a curated project that includes two performances, Duty and Untitled for Cyborg String Quartet, by Australian artist Michaela Davies. These pieces […]

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts and its Director, Lanfranco Aceti are proud to announce a new curated project, The Market Will Save Us, a banner installation and performance by international artist Bill Balaskas. The artwork, premiered for the first time in the US in Boston, will be paraded around the Boston Common, accompanied by a […]

“Hope, Hope, fallacious Hope! Where is thy market now?” Joseph Mallord William Turner Hope Coming On is a performance conceived and curated by Lanfranco Aceti (MoCC) and with the gracious participation of the Boston Children’s Chorus(Anthony Trecek-King, Artistic Director and Ben Hires, Director of Programs). The choreography has been realized in collaboration […]

The Lady with a Revolutionary Parrot is a new work of art by Lanfranco Aceti – part of the series The Fat Cat Was Here. The artwork will be exhibited at Art Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, and focuses on the processes of enslavement and exploitation of beauty to create contemporary […]



Black Sheep Talks: Tamiko Thiel from Museum of Contemporary Cuts on Vimeo.

Black Sheep Talks, a production of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) and Arts Administration @ Boston University, with Tamiko Thiel in its second podcast. Tamiko Thiel is a visual artist exploring the interplay of place, space, the body and cultural identity. She expresses herself in a variety of media […]

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts in collaboration with Arts Administration @ Boston University is announcing a call for interviews for the Black Sheep Talks during the TransCultural Exchange Conference. These interviews will take place February 25-27 on location at the conference and will be placed online over the following months. If you […]