Black Sheep Talks, a production of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC), Arts Administration @ Boston University and Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press), presents an interview with Don Ritter. The interview was possible thanks to the support of Mary Sherman director of TransCultural Exchange.

Don Ritter is an artist and writer who has been active internationally in the field of digital media art since 1986. His large installations enable audiences to control their experiences through body motion, position, or voice. His recent writings examine the relationships between aesthetics, ethics, and digital media. Ritter’s installations, performances, and prints have been presented at festivals, museums, and galleries throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including SITE Santa Fe (USA), Winter Olympics 2010 Cultural Olympiad (Vancouver), Metrònom (Barcelona), Sonambiente Sound Festival (Berlin), Exit Festival (Paris), Ars Electronica (Linz), and New Music America (New York City). He has held full-time professorships in art and design at Concordia University in Montreal, Pratt Institute in New York City, Hanyang University in Seoul, and currently at City University of Hong Kong.

Watch and listen as Ritter discusses his art and how he is a black sheep. Don Ritter’s recording was filmed during the Transcultural Exchange in 2015. The interview is available on Vimeo at:

Black Sheep Talks is a series of podcast interviews with artists, academics, and activists across the globe who self-define and identify with the concept of the black sheep. Conceived by Lanfranco Aceti and realized in collaboration with Sarah Bradshaw and Rosemary Bucher, students of Arts Administration – the interviews showcase conceptual innovators at the forefront of their respective fields, challenging and blurring the stereotypical notions of boundaries and success while enveloping elements of contemporary issues. Black Sheep Talks is a production of Arts Administration @ Boston University and the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC).

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Special thanks to the Transcultural Exchange conference and to Mary Sherman who supported this project.