The Museum of Contemporary Cuts in collaboration with Arts Administration @ Boston University is announcing a call for interviews for the Black Sheep Talks during the TransCultural Exchange Conference. These interviews will take place February 25-27 on location at the conference and will be placed online over the following months. If you are interested in being interviewed, view the available time slots here and email Sarah Bradshaw at info [at] with your full name, phone number, and three preferred times and we will do our best to schedule you during one of those times.

Black Sheep Talks is a series of interviews with artists, academics, and activists across the globe who have challenged boundaries and pre-conceptions with the concept of the black sheep. Conceived by Lanfranco Aceti and realized in collaboration with Sarah Bradshaw and Rosemary Bucher, students of Arts Administration – the interviews showcase conceptual innovators at the forefront of their respective fields, challenging and blurring the stereotypical notions of boundaries and success while addressing contemporary issues that affect those who operate in the cultural industries.

Our first podcast was with Mark Swarek. Listen to Mark talk about the emergence of the augmented reality art movement as a global community unifier in association with transitioning technological access, the chaos of Wall Street, and the political commentary uniquely available with augmented reality art in the first Black Sheep talks podcast. Mark Skwarek’s full interview is available at:

To listen to the full interviews, please visit MoCC’s Vimeo account at:

We would like to thank Mary Sherman, the Executive Director of the TransCultural Exchange for this opportunity to speak with artists from around the world. Black Sheep Talks is a production of Arts Administration @ Boston University and the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC).