Suggestions for Art That Could Be Called Red

  • Kevin Logan
    Kevin Logan A Dull-witted Army, 2012. Video performance, sound, mini DV digital transfer, 14:46 min.
  • Karl Heinz Jeton
    Karl Heinz Jeton Somebody did something then the people came #182, 2014. Video blog with robots as actors and social media content, 2014. Link to the project with one year long daily updates:
  • Owen Mundy
    Owen Mundy Commodify us, 2013. Software, demonstration video. Link to the project website:
  • Benjamin Grosser
    Benjamin Grosser Facebook Demetricator, 2012-present. Software, demonstration video Link to the project website
  • Felix Gmelin
    Felix Gmelin Utiphobia, 2013. 19 min., one channel video with sound on a tilted large flat screen monitor with sound.
  • Felix Gmelin
    Felix Gmelin Farbtest, Die Rote Fahne II”, (Color Test, The Red Flag II), 2002. Die Rote Fahne, 1968. Two channel silent video installation for daylight presentation. Dimensions variable.
  • Felix Gmelin
    Felix Gmelin Raw Material Rift, 2013, One channel video with sound. Dimensions variable.