The Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) (2012) in its first appearance as a mobile artwork and museum was exhibited as part of the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival in Manchester. This unusual hybrid between an artwork and a museum was part of the exhibition What Have I Done To (De)serve This? curated by Sarah Perks and Omar Kholeif.

Lanfranco Aceti, the founder and artist who established MoCC and exhibited its first iteration explained that “the goal was to create a contemporary art and curatorial project that would tackle the issue of art and economics in a moment of crisis.” The Great Recession has presented since 2008 the art world with a series of financial cuts that question the very existence of the arts and define them as a superfluous endeavors.

MoCC is documenting the relationship between art and economics in a period of financial crisis as well as questioning assumption and stereotypes through a series of art data. MoCC is collecting and archiving people’s stories in order to document the narratives that surround this particular period of contemporary art history.