The Netherlands Media Art Institute closes

The text below is from the original announcement of closure from NIMK.

The activities of the Netherlands Media Art Institute will cease as of 31 December, 2012. The closure of the NIMk became unavoidable after the announcement by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science that it would no longer support the Institute after 2012, because subsidies for so-called Supporting Institutions in the National Basic Cultural Infrastructure are being halted. The City of Amsterdam followed suit. Without this basis, it is not possible to allow the NIMk to continue to function in a responsible way, and the organization therefore decided to shut its doors.

During the past year the NIMk has expended every effort to at least preserve the knowledge and expertise it has generated, and the materials it has collected, for the future, but we could not succeed in preserving the Institute itself. This knowledge about the interaction between art and technology was amassed since 1978, when Monte Video was founded, through Monte Video’s 1993 fusion with Time Based Arts, after which the two worked together further under the name Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts.

We find this terribly sad. But we are enormously proud of what the NIMk has done, shown and achieved over the past decades. Throughout the years we have worked to present a very interesting field in art, which is now more vital and relevant than ever. Media art is now omnipresent around us, but attention for the development and presentation of the latest forms of art and technological experimentation, on the one hand, and for the preservation of this art form as a legacy for the future, on the other, still remains thin on the ground. Much will be lost, and awareness of the situation is only awakening slowly.

What is left for us is a sense of gratitude.

Our thanks go out to the artists for all the beautiful things and experiences on which we have been able to work together over the years. We thank our regular funders, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and the City of Amsterdam, and all the other sources of support which made our existence possible over the last decades.
Very deep thanks goes out to our Board of Supervisors, and particularly to all the staff, interns and volunteers at the NIMk over these decades – too many to list, but you know who you are. We must express our deepest appreciation to the many museums, artists and collectors who entrusted their collections and work to us, and to all those with whom we realized such wonderful projects, exhibitions and events, and who added such memorable moments to art history. And to all with whom we have written on the links between art and technology.

But of course we cannot forget to thank the most wonderful of all: you, our audience. We did it all for you. We thank all of you for all of this, from the bottom of our hearts. Farewell, in hope that we will see one another again!

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