This the first Kickstarter we are doing for The Body of the People by Jeffrey Baykal-Rollins with Rex Cadwallader on piano, vocals by Tiffany Jackson, Arti Dixon on drums, and Mike Asetta on bass. MoCC sponsors and produces a variety of critically engaging art projects like this.

We are trying to reach the goal of $7000 and are happy with any help you may be able to provide, including sharing our event our event page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or recommending us to people you know.

The art projects that are most difficult to produce are those that challenge perceived aesthetics, that are somewhat unusual and that have difficult content. The Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo was a risky endeavor – in fact “Pope Pius IV in 1565, the year after Michelangelo’s death, had the more controversial nudity painted over by Daniele da Volterra, earning the artist the nickname Il Braghetonne, ‘the breeches-maker.'” Pablo Picasso would not have gone very far if he hadn’t been supported by his family. Even Leonardo da Vinci would not have had a chance if he had not found patronage.

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts is about offering contemporary critically engaged artists a chance to create artworks that otherwise would not be realized. It is the mission of the museum to give the public the opportunity to understand that it is possible to influence contemporary culture by supporting the production of artworks by artists that are willing to step outside the box and try to defy conventional wisdom.

The Internet has altered the landscape and it has made it possible for everyone to engage and support a variety of aesthetic approaches which can reflect the turmoils and aspirations of people. You can be a patron of the arts if you wish – and it is for this reason that we have kept the amounts to be donated affordable for all, in order to offer everyone the possibility of participating. We want to build up a ‘body of the people,’ like those first American revolutionaries, or like the artist, Jeffrey Baykal Rollins, imagined for this incredible performance at the Old South Meeting House, an iconic and historical building of the American Revolution.

Even if you cannot donate anything, for us it would be great if you could at least donate your time and help us to share and disseminate this project as widely as possible.

Thanks for reading and please come back or visit us on Facebook, we will keep updating our news as the project evolves.

The event is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC but advance registration is requested at