My Estate of Mind is a new exhibition for the Museum of Contemporary Cuts by the British artist Jordan McKenzie. In his artworks McKenzie explores the relationship between hierarchical systems of power, mythological representations of grandeur and the constantly incumbent presence of these systems in people’s daily lives. The artist pierces […]

No Rest for the Wicked is a curatorial project presented at ArtInternational in Istanbul by Lanfranco Aceti. The project will showcase recent artworks by Bill Balaskas as well as a series of exhibitions and art projects developed by MoCC (Museum of Contemporary Cuts) since 2012. No Rest for the Wicked […]

“For mankynde in this do pre[ex]cel chiefli brute beaftes becaufe thei helpe one another by mutual communication.” Thomas More, Utopia, ed. Edward Artber (London: A. Murray & son, 1869), 18. Suggestions for Art That Could Be Called Red is the new exhibition by the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC), curated […]

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts in collaboration with the Internet of Cars presents Car Park, a new public space intervention and participatory performance by Lanfranco Aceti to be held in Southampton from the 7th to the 11th of June, 2014. We are looking for people to model ‘like cars’ in Southampton’s public square. […]

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts from May 15 to 18, 2014, will be part of the Art-Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens with In Your Face a new series of artworks and participatory performances by Lanfranco Aceti. The exhibition and participatory performances are curated by Marquard Smith and Susanne […]

Red Art: New Utopias in Data Capitalism is the first edited book, part of a series, by the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo/ISAST, MIT Press). Red Art: New Utopias in Data Capitalism was edited and has introductions by Lanfranco Aceti, Bill Balaskas, Susanne Jaschko and Julian Stallabrass. The Leonardo Electronic Almanac […]

Time is Money and Money Is Time are the two new exhibitions by Olga Kisseleva for Kasa Gallery and for the Museum of Contemporary Cuts. The exhibitions are conceived as two complementary and intertwined shows that happen simultaneously in physical and online spaces, creating a constant dialogue and reflection on the concept of money […]



The State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece is under threat of closing because of the severe cuts. The museum is the organiser of the Thessaloniki Biennale (now preparing for its 5th edition) and it owns one of the most important collections of Russian Avant-Garde art in the world […]

Yesterday Christie’s in London canceled an extensive collection of Miro artwork to be sold later this month. The artworks were part of a corporate collection until 2008 when the Portuguese state became the owners since privatising the BPN bank. Its unclear why the collection as been taken off the market […]



Journal of Visual Culture, in collaboration with the International Association for Visual Culture, Operational and Curatorial Research, the Museum of Contemporary Cuts and Kasa Gallery, is pleased to announce a new refereed issue titled Visions of Contemporary Cuts. The issue is guest edited by Lanfranco Aceti, Sabanci University, Istanbul; and Goldsmiths College, University of London. Visions of […]

In 2007 the Mina Gallery opened in Middlesbrough, bringing a well needed boast to the cultural area of the city. Only seven years later amend more council cuts to hit many cities in the UK, the previously agreed budget set until 2015 but instead as now changed it’s mind and […]

Occupy Wall street has bought up $14,734,569.87 worth of personal debt for a knock down price of $400,000, freeing individual Americans from what was mostly made up of medical bills. They then went on to ‘abolish’ the debt. “We thought that the ratio would be about 20 to 1,” said Andrew […]

On the BBC international site you can read an interesting article by Georgina adams explaining how the perceived logic of buying into the art market does not automatically generate the worth it is purported to for the buyer. This month a Jeff Koons sculpture of a shiny, giant balloon dog […]

YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS!, a collaboration between Kasa Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Cuts at CI – Contemporary Istanbul, is an art event that questions current art market practices and the disruptive nature of contemporary digital media. This continues an international theme that Kasa Gallery has addressed during the past year with a […]



Exhibition Dates: November 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014 Exhibition page: Lead Curator: Lanfranco Aceti. Senior Curators: Pat Badani, Nicholas Mirzoeff and Marquard Smith. Curator: Jonathan Munro. Jackpot is an exhibition that, by analyzing the financial gambles of contemporary society, presents the loss of value of the traditional interpretation of the […]